Choosing between Bin There Dump That’s dumpster sizes may seem like a straightforward proposition, but there are a few factors you have to consider first. It’s a good idea to identify what the nature of your project is, how much material you’ll be removing and what type of waste it is you’re disposing of. You don’t want to rent a dumpster that’s too large for your project and end up with all kinds of unused space. On the flip side, you don’t want a bin that’s too small either. Our customer service experts will work with you to figure out which one of our 4 dumpster sizes is right for you. 


Dumpster Sizes For Your Larger Projects

The nature of your project and the size of its scope will play a large part in figuring out which of the 4 dumpster sizes is the right one for you. For example, a home remodel is a larger project that’s going to produce a lot of large and heavy waste. It’s one of the larger renovation projects most homeowners take on. In this case, we usually recommend our largest 20-yard dumpster because it’s big enough to accommodate this type of project with a bit of room to spare.


4 to 10 Yard Dumpsters for Small Garage Cleanouts

For a garage cleanout, you probably won’t need a 20-yard dumpster, unless you happen to have an unusually large and messy garage. We’re not here to judge – we know how easy it is for the clutter to build up over the years. For a single car garage with a limited amount of clutter, a smaller 4-yard dumpster may be all you need or at the most, a 10-yard dumpster should be more than enough.


14 Yard Dumpsters for Larger Garage Cleanouts and Kitchen Remodels 

A double car garage or a big in-house home renovation project such as large garage cleanouts and kitchen remodels may have too much waste for the 4 or 10-yard dumpster sizes. If there’s any doubt it’s always better to opt for something a bit larger. That’s why we have 14-yard dumpsters in stock, for projects that are a bit larger than average. They’re large enough to fit all of that extra garage junk without going overboard. Dumpster Sizes in New Orleans

Choose the 20 Yard Dumpster for Unpredictable Projects

Sometimes it’s hard to predict just how much waste material you’re project is going to produce. When our customers have any doubts we always suggest the 20 yard dumpster. Remember, you have a full week to fill the bin without incurring any extra charges. Perhaps you want to give the garage a good cleanout, but that doesn’t prevent you from moving on to other areas of the home. If you’re finished your garage project early and you still have plenty of room left in your dumpster, why not turn it into a full spring cleaning project? If we look hard enough we can always find a few more things around the house that are simply taking up room and gathering dust.

If you have additional questions about the various dumpster sizes offered in New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana, check out our FAQ page.