You might think that as a business, Bin There Dump That of Southeast Louisiana would prefer its customers not to share their residential-friendly dumpsters with their neighbors. That’s because when you share your dumpster, that’s one less customer that Bin There Dump That gets.

But not only do we allow you to share your dumpster with your neighbors; we actually encourage it.

By sharing your dumpster with folks in your neighborhood, you and your neighbors can save money as well as conserve resources.

That’s the type of win-win situation that we love to support!

Why you might want to share your residential dumpster with your neighbors

Save some money!

At Bin There Dump That, we offer five residential-friendly dumpster sizes for our customers to choose from, each with their own individual cost to rent.

If, for example, you rent our 14-yard dumpster, you’ll pay the same cost regardless of whether you alone use the dumpster, of if you choose to share the bin with your neighbors and split the cost.

Let’s say that you and your neighbors agree to rent our largest bin – the 20-yarder – for a weekend neighborhood cleanup party. We recommend you designate one person as the rental operator. He or she will be the one who contacts us, and pays the rental fee. Each participating neighbor will pitch in with their portion of the rental.

Get to know your neighbors!

Nearly 50% of Americans don’t even know their neighbors (according to research conducted by Trulia). While folks here in Southeastern Louisiana are pretty neighborly, we all could use an excuse to get to know the folks in our community a little better.

“Dumpster Days” are a great way to introduce yourself and have a little fun while you’re at it.

If someone new moves into the neighborhood, you might take this opportunity to coordinate a dumpster day party to welcome the newcomers and help them sort through their boxes.

Dumpsters are also perfect to rent following a block sale or even as an added feature for your annual block party (folks can throw out old items while enjoying food, drinks, and games).

Great opportunities for renting a residential dumpster for your neighborhood

When might be a good time to rent a residential-friendly dumpster for you and your neighbors?

Spring cleaning days are always a good time. Humans instinctively want to shed some weight following the winter. Why not celebrate this annual tradition with a residential dumpster?

We’ve also seen many folks in our communities rent our residential dumpsters following a storm. Not only do our bins make it possible for you to clear away tree limbs and other debris, but by sharing your bin with your neighbors you can help one another during what’s usually a stressful and tumultuous time.

Tips for your neighborhood residential dumpster

One of the issues you’ll face when renting a residential-friendly dumpster for your neighborhood is determining where you should place your bin.

There’ll likely be no central location, so we recommend you place your bin in one neighbor’s driveway or yard, so long as that neighbor’s property is easily accessible.

Then, neighbors can use their trucks and cars to carry heavier items to the dumpster.

Want to learn more about renting a residential-friendly dumpster in Greater New Orleans? Contact Bin There Dump That today to find out how our bins can help you and your neighbors, while saving you money.