Dumpster bags are a fairly popular way for homeowners throughout the Greater New Orleans area to get rid of the unwanted items they toss out during a renovation project or spring cleanup.

We can see why, too. These dumpster bags are affordable, ideal for small projects and lightly weighted debris, and can be found at virtually any local or major hardware store.

It takes all of a moment to set these bags up on your property and get to work filling them up to be hauled away. It seems perfect, except, more and more homeowners from Mandeville to Slidell and beyond realize that these small dumpster bags can’t really handle the types of jobs New Orleans, Covington, Mandeville, or Slidell homeowners demand.

Bin field calls almost daily from homeowners who started their home project with a handful of bags, and now turn to us for help. That’s because dumpster bags:

  • Can only handle small projects; often times even a spring cleanup is too much
  • The convenience in their size is, all too often, an inconvenience. For example, a dumpster bag is nearly 20% smaller than our 14-yard residential friendly dumpster
  • While the bags are easy to purchase and setup, this ease comes at a price – lack of sturdiness
  • To ensure proper pickup, you have to set up the bags near a street or in a wide area
  • The companies hired to pick up these bags aren’t always reliable or on time
  • There are several restrictions on what types of materials can be disposed of

Most projects throughout Southeastern Louisiana require more than just what one bag can handle. What ends up happening is homeowners have to spend more money on several bags, which, might we add, becomes a horrific eyesore, not to mention many companies charge extra for these multiple pickup.

Fed up with all of this, our neighbors throughout the Greater New Orleans region have turned to our residential friendly dumpsters for respite. Here’s why:

The benefits of renting a New Orleans residential-friendly dumpster vs dumpster bags

So why is it that more and more of our neighbors are turning to our residential dumpsters?

Oh the many sizes!

Our customers can choose from any of our 5 different dumpster sizes, including 4 yard, 6 yard, 10 yard, 14 yard, and 20 yard.

Not only does this mean avoiding the cost and inconvenience of purchasing several dumpster bags, but it also means never having to pay more than you need (which is often the case with commercial dumpsters).

If you anticipate a really small job, you might consider a 4-yard dumpster. If you’re completely renovating a room in your house, you’d likely go with a 20-yard dumpster.

If you’re not sure, then our customer service team can offer suggestions following a conversation with you.

Friendly for homes, but built for the biggest projects on the planet

Our residential-friendly dumpsters and trucks are designed to navigate through the unique confines of neighborhood streets and homes. But the bins themselves are as sturdy as any dumpster you’d find on a commercial lot (only our bins are far more attractive, we have to admit).

This sturdiness means that our bins can handle nearly every item you throw their way, from furniture to roof shingles, gravel, topsoil and more.

We’ve built our business on reliable drop-off and pickup

Many of our residential clients use our bins as part of a formal renovation job. This means that they can’t afford to have any delays in their bin delivery and pickup.

We bring that same sense of organization and urgency to all New Orleans homeowners who rely on us to help them get the job done. You’ll know exactly when your bin will be delivered, and we’ll work with you to schedule a pickup time around your needs and convenience, not ours.

That’s the Bin There Dump That difference – we put our clients’ needs before us. Whether it’s placing planks beneath our dumpsters to protect your property from damage, or adapting our pickup schedule because of unforeseen circumstances on your end, we go above and beyond the call of duty to make your home renovation or cleanup project go smoothly.

When’s the last time a dumpster bag did that for you?