Tossing away the hordes of clutter in your home is an easy and effective way to regain some space and sanctity. But not all clutter is junk!

In fact, chances are the clutter you’re trying to break free from is a hidden treasure for someone else out there, which is why garage sales are your saving grace!

Garage sales in the Greater New Orleans area – tips for success

Whether you’re in New Orleans, Covington, Mandeville, or Slidell, your garage sale can either be a huge success or a colossal failure. We’re here to make sure that failure simply isn’t an option. Here are a few tips to make sure your upcoming garage sale helps you remove some (or all) of that clutter from your home.

Just having a garage sale isn’t enough …

Just because you plan on having a garage sale doesn’t mean that the whole world will know about it. You can’t rely on folks driving by your neighborhood, seeing your lawn or driveway filled with hidden treasures, and pulling over to take a look.

You have to advertise.

These days you benefit from both traditional and modern forms of advertising.

Traditional advertising includes placing an ad in your local newspaper (which will cost money) as well as posting signs on street corners and telephone poles. We recommend you also place ads at your local grocery stores and convenience stores, with permission, of course.

When it comes to street signs and telephone poles, less is more. Remember, most folks seeing your signs will be whipping by them at 30+ miles per hour. The less words you have, the more likely the sign will be read.

Modern advertising means turning to digital channels. Specifically, consider creating a Facebook page for your yard sale, or creating a few posts on Twitter or Instagram with clever hashtags (#garagesale, #yardsale). Make sure to also tag your neighborhood or town (#NewOrleans, #Slidell, etc.).

Presentation is everything

Just because you’re getting rid of clutter, doesn’t mean you should make it look like clutter to your prospective buyers. Even the most delicious meal on the planet wouldn’t be as appreciated if it wasn’t presented nicely on the plate.

When creating your garage sale, think about the buyer’s state of mind and try to organize your items accordingly. You might, for example, have an area for automotive items, another area for music lovers, yet another for kitchen appliances, and another for gardening.

Don’t keep them guessing

We’ve seen a lot of garage sales throughout the Greater New Orleans area fail because people don’t price-tag their items.

The most common reasoning behind this choice is folks don’t want to scare away prospective buyers. However, many garage sale shoppers have other things to do during their days; knowing the prices of the stuff they’re looking at helps them make quick decisions.

Besides, if your garage sale is really successful, you’ll never have time to field price requests from the hordes of shoppers, right?

When it comes to checking out, be as flexible as possible

First thing’s first: even in today’s heavily digital world, cash is still the norm at garage sales. It’s like hidden code or something. If you’re planning on coming to a garage sale, be prepared to spend actual cash.

So, to abide by this hidden code, you as the garage sale host have to have plenty of change to accommodate your shoppers. Ones. Fives. Tens. Coins. Have it all.

Pro tip: Don’t have one checkout area. This can create slowdown and bottleneck traffic. It’s best to have your garage sale volunteers (neighbors, family) walking around to check folks out. We recommend using an apron to carry your change in.

Don’t forget, it is a digital world.

So, while most folks know the unwritten cash rule about garage sales, that doesn’t mean everyone is in the know. That’s why, if possible, we strongly encourage you to accept credit/debit.

It’s much easier to do these days. Companies like PayPal and Square offer free card readers that you can plug into your smart device. Each transaction can be credited right to the account of your choosing (like your checking account).

If you’re wondering how these companies can offer these readers for free – it’s because they charge a percentage per transaction. To accommodate this charge, tell your shoppers (and create signs as well) that all price tags list the cash price. Each credit transaction will be an additional dollar (or so). That way you make up the difference of the fee, and you still simplify the checkout process for your shoppers.

Finally, have a contingency plan for items not sold: rent a residential friendly dumpster

Few things can feel as defeating as ending your garage sale by having to lug your unsold items back into your home. Wasn’t the plan to free yourself of all this stuff?

Even the most successful garage sales typically don’t sell out, which is why you should rent a Bin There Dump That residential-friendly dumpster. With a simple phone call (before your garage sale) you can arrange for your dumpster to come after the event.

All you’ll have to do is load up the bin with your unsold items. It’s easy as walking the items into the bin through our unique rear doors. When you’re done loading up the bin, our operators will pick it up – you won’t even have to be there – and get rid of it all for you.

Want to learn more about how we can make your garage sale pain-free? Contact us today to learn more.