We’re pretty proud of the versatility of our residential-friendly dumpsters, which you can rent in one of five different sizes. These dumpster bins are specifically designed to fit the confines of residential properties and driveways throughout the Greater New Orleans area.

From Slidell to Covington and Mandeville, homeowners throughout Southeastern Louisiana rent our residential-friendly dumpsters for a number of reasons, including:

  • Spring cleanup
  • Landscaping projects
  • Remodeling
  • Following a flood or fire

But because our dumpster bins are specially designed for homeowners, there are some items that you simply can’t place in them. With dumpster sizes ranging from 9 to 12 feet long and 5 1/2 to 8 feed wide (and 20 yard bins for your bigger projects), you need to be mindful of what you can, and can’t, toss away.

So, what do you do with those unwanted items that simply can’t fit into our residential-friendly dumpster bins? Here are a few tips to get you by:

How to get rid of an old car

Fun fact: folks have tried to toss their cars away in a dumpster bin before. No joke! We can see why: Bin There Dump That makes it easy to toss away all of your unwanted items. Just give us a call when your bin is filled and we’ll handle disposal.

That’s pretty convenient.

But we can’t take your car off your hands. Sorry. But if your car works just fine, why not try to sell it on your own? Craigslist continues to be a great place to unload a car fairly quickly.

If you’re feeling warm and fuzzy, you could donate your car as well. Organizations that accept donated cars will often come pick it up from your property.

If, however, your car has seen better days and isn’t all that operational, check out your local junkyard. These sites love to get their hands on various parts they can resell or use.

Recreational vehicles are similar: You can sell your working RV online or donate it. You might want to consider contacting a local vocational school – they could be interested in your RV or boat as a great project for the students.

Storage units – where in New Orleans to dispose of them

Storage units like trailers, bins, and sheds can’t fit inside the confines of one of our residential-friendly dumpsters.

So, what do you do with them?

We recommend going to your local scrap yard to see if they’ll purchase them. If you’re looking to replace the old unit with a new one, then contact the original manufacturer. They might give you trade-in value or, if you’re lucky, they might take the unit off your hands for a small fee.

Couches and other furniture

Our residential-friendly dumpster bins can handle most types of furniture and appliances, but some things (like a large sectional that doesn’t come apart) likely won’t fit.

One of the best ways to get rid of unwanted furniture is to hold a yard sale. That way you only have to haul your furniture to your yard. You might also want to call a donation service (like a Goodwill or Salvation Army) to see if they’d be interested in picking it up.

What to do with a child’s play set

While a child’s outdoor play set typically lasts quite some time, your child’s interest in that set might not. Many play sets include slides, swings, monkey bars and more, making them pretty sizable. They can’t fit in our bins, but you do have some options:

First and foremost, be neighborly! Check out your neighborhood and see if anyone else would be interested in the play set. You’ll still need to find a way to get the set from one yard to another, but you’ll be making another family very happy.

You could also sell the set at a yard sale, but make sure you tell potential buyers that they’d be responsible for transporting it.

Lastly, you could see if your local school or a non-profit is interested in using it.

The bigger pieces of the landscape puzzle

Let’s be clear here: our residential-friendly dumpster bins can handle most landscaping projects. But what if you need to toss away trees, for example?

Well, if you don’t have a wood chipper or some other chopping tool, your trees won’t fit in our bins. That’s when we’d recommend you call your city to see if they provide removal services.

If you have the means and ways, why not turn that tree into mulch, firewood, or, heck, even wood accents for your home?

More cans than can’ts: the versatility of our residential dumpster rentals in New Orleans

While we’ve focused on a few of the items you can’t toss away in our bins, in the end there are far more items you can toss away. Clothes, appliances, construction materials, boxes and virtually everything else can go inside our bins, so long as they fit. Hazardous materials, tires and paint, on the other hand, are no-nos.

Not sure what you can or can’t put into your dumpster bin? No problem! Our team is on hand to help you decide not only what you can toss away, but we’ll also help you choose the right size bin for your project.

Contact us today to learn more!