Every contractor and construction worker knows that within a matter of minutes, an empty space can turn into a pile of unruly debris and, let’s face it, junk.

To manage this junk, contractors usually rent some type of dumpster, or bin, which will house the debris until it’s hauled off-site.

It’s a tried and true practice that’s been going on for ages; but a new trend is happening here in the New Orleans area: contractors renting residential-friendly dumpsters for their projects.

Ah, the many benefits of going residential with your dumpster

A dumpster’s just a dumpster, no matter who you get it from, right?

Actually no, although that assumption’s been made by contractors throughout Southeast Louisiana for years.

In reality, there’s so much more behind your dumpster than the ability to house unwanted items and construction debris, which is why we’re seeing more and more construction companies and contractors call us to meet the needs of their projects.

Here are two reasons why you might want to consider renting a residential-friendly dumpster for your next project:

1 – If it’s a residential project site, then it should be a residential dumpster

We’re willing to wager that you wouldn’t approach a residential construction project the same way you would a project entailing an entire business complex, right?

Different materials, man power, equipment and more all depend on the size and scope of your project.

The same goes for your dumpster bins. When working on a residential property, it’s important that you keep the area intact, while also respecting the neighborhood and community. Hauling one of your beaten-down, oversized, and aged commercial bins onto the front lawn of a tiny community is not the way to go.

Residential dumpsters, on the other hand, not only come in sizes friendlier to the confines of communities and homes, but they’re delivered by trucks that are far more residential friendly. Rather than have your bin dropped off by a large, noisy behemoth of a machine, we’re guessing your clients would prefer you offer a more presentable, and discreet option.

2 – Quick pickup and delivery

Contractors have to deal with a flurry of moving parts in order to keep a project under budget and on time. How frustrating would it be to be delayed by something like the delivery or removal of a dumpster?

We’ve seen it happen time and time again; commercial outfits are overbooked and, long ago, forgot what customer service really meant.

Beyond just being a bad business approach, this lack of customer service can cost you and your clients valuable time and money.

The only thing our clients love more than the 5 residential-friendly dumpster sizes we offer is our customer service. From that first phone call, we help you determine your needs and devise a schedule to make sure your project runs smoothly.

For contractors, this is often times more complex than a simple one-time pickup. Depending on the size of your project, you might need several bins or (if you have limited space onsite) several staggered pickups and deliveries.

We’ll be sure to work with you to guarantee your project will not be delayed because of poor management on our part.

Show your clients you’re thinking of them: go residential

Contracting projects involving residential clients requires a specific type of handholding and care. You have to please your clients and show them that you’re always putting them first.

While most contractors do well in being courteous and kind to their clients, why not take that extra step and demonstrate what places you ahead of your competition?

Showing your clients that you use residential-friendly dumpsters for your projects could be the difference between winning a bid and getting overlooked.

Want to learn more about how our bins can help you please your clients? Contact us today to learn more.