Dumpsters are pretty incredible and versatile containers that could hold just about anything. But just because they can hold nearly everything under the sun, doesn’t mean they should.

When you break it down, however, more than likely the items you want to toss away can be placed in your rented residential dumpster without any issue. But just to make sure you toss things away with confidence, we’ve put together a guide to help you know what you can – and can’t – put into a dumpster.

Think outside of the house

Before we even go indoors, let’s take a virtual walk around your property to see what non-house items can get tossed into your dumpster:

  • Garden Debris – Any compostable item is fair game for your dumpster, including branches, clippings, sod and dirt.
  • Concrete – Trying to fix up a sidewalk, walkway or driveway? Toss away your broken pieces of concrete without worry.
  • Roofing – While technically part of your house, your roofing material is still outdoors, so let’s talk about it here. Your old cedar and asphalt shingles are more than welcome to be tossed inside your dumpster.

Let’s venture indoors, shall we?

Okay, now that we’ve talked about some of the outdoor items you can toss in your dumpster, let’s take a look at what’s lying around your house.

  • Junk from a renovation – Walls, doors, drywall, floor boards, plasterboard, sheetrock, tiling. You name it, it can go in your dumpster. So, renovate away!
  • Electronics – Most of us have wondered where we can toss our old computers, monitors, printers and more. The answer’s simple: your dumpster!
  • Appliances – By all means, toss away your old fridge, stove, washer or dryer (or both!). Just be sure you rent the right size dumpster to handle the weight.
  • Furniture – That ratty old couch or bed can go into a dumpster. So can your dressers, file cabinets, desks and more.
  • Clutter from each room – This encompasses a lot, including old books, cardboard boxes, empty tubes of toothpaste, washcloths, bent nails, scraps from past renovating project and so much more.

Okay, okay, what can’t you put into a dumpster?

Taking a look at the lists above it may dawn on you that you can throw away just about anything in your rented dumpster.

You’re right. But there are a few items you simply must keep out of your bin. These include:

  • Hazardous materials (toxins, explosives, flammable items, solvents, asbestos)
  • Paints and oils
  • Oil drums/oil tanks/gas tanks

Renting a residential-friendly dumpster in New Orleans makes all the difference in the world

When looking to remove junk and unwanted items from your home, why rent an oversized, unsightly bin that’s designed for a large, commercial setting? By renting a residential-friendly dumpster, you’ll get the benefit of bins designed to fit on your property, without compromising the durability and versatility you’ve come to expect from a dumpster.

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