The life of a parent can oftentimes be well represented by the contents of their home. Prior to having a child, adults tend to have less material possessions in their homes. In fact, most pre-kid couples live in smaller homes and choose to upsize into a larger home only after they begin to start their family.

For the 20 or so years where your child lives with you, your home undergoes overwhelming growth and changes. First there are the toys and clothes. Then, as your child grows, toys become textbooks, textbooks become athletic wear, and, before you know it, you’ve accumulated more “stuff” than you’d ever thought possible. All of those material possessions serve a purpose for a while. But what happens after your children are fully-grown and have left the nest? What should you do next?

The answer is downsizing

Most empty nesters (as they’re often called) go through a period of downsizing following the departure of their children. Some couples choose to move into a smaller home; however, here in New Orleans, that’s typically not the trend. New Orleans families work hard to keep their beloved properties, so that they can pass these homes down to the next generation.

Do you find yourself living in a home that’s accumulated 20 or even 30 years of toys, textbooks and trinkets left behind by your children? Then it’s time to downsize. Bin There Dump That has residential-friendly dumpsters in New Orleans that can help.

Downsizing can be emotional and challenging. Renting a residential-friendly dumpster simplifies the process

Let’s face it. It’s not easy giving away or throwing out relics of your family history. Adding to that challenge is figuring out where to put it all. That’s why so many New Orleans homeowners rent a residential-friendly dumpster to get them through the process.

Residential-friendly dumpsters give you a place for all of those items you’re going to throw out. This gives you more space inside your home to determine which items should stay. But residential-friendly dumpsters offer more than just a housing option for your unwanted items. They also:

  • Are designed to fit within the confines of New Orleans homes, unlike most commercial-based dumpsters
  • Come in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs
  • Are placed on boards so that the bin itself never touches your property
  • Are hauled away by a professional driver when you’re done filling it with your unwanted items

By using a residential-friendly dumpster when downsizing your home, you’re making it easy for your family to let go of the material items of the past. You won’t have to worry about where to store your items, and how you’ll get them off your property.

In New Orleans, there’s only one name in residential-friendly dumpster rentals

Dumpster rentals aren’t a new concept; however, few companies in the nation focus on serving the needs of the residential client. Not Bin There Dump That. We realize that as a homeowner, you won’t likely need, nor benefit, from the types of commercial dumpsters offered by other companies. That’s why we’ve become the most trusted name in dumpster rentals for homeowners throughout Greater New Orleans and the Northshore. Learn more about how we can help you clean out and downsize your home by contacting us today for a consultation.