One of the greatest joys of homeownership is the freedom you have to make changes to the exterior and interior of your property. In New Orleans, we take great pride in our architectural designs and beauty, and many homeowners work hard to make sure their properties live up to the level of prestige that’s become synonymous with architecture and our city. Remodeling projects could encompass virtually any change or upgrade you make to your home. Some of the most popular remodeling projects include:

  • Adding a room or floor
  • Updating the bathroom or kitchen with more space and newer amenities
  • Tearing down a room or space

Remodeling projects serve a host of benefits, including an improved quality of life as well as increased property values. But while countless people want to remodel their home, not everybody in New Orleans does so. One significant reason, of course, is cost. But another reason people shy away from residential remodeling projects is because of the mess and hassle that these projects come with.

But there is a solution to this: residential friendly dumpsters.

What is a residential friendly dumpster?

Chances are you’re familiar with a dumpster. You’ve seen them behind businesses, or in the parking lots of apartment buildings. These dumpsters serve as a receptacle for the trash and waste of stores, apartments and more. A residential friendly dumpster, however, is a bit different. Here’s how:

  1. Size matters – If you’ve seen commercial dumpsters, you know how large they can be. Do you really need that amount of space, especially when you factor in that this dumpster will be on your property for potentially as long as two weeks? More often than not, a house-remodeling project doesn’t require the massive dumpsters that are used by commercial businesses. That’s why it’s important that you have a choice when renting a dumpster. That way you can rent something as small as 4 yards, or, if needed, as big as 20 yards. What’s important to remember is not only the size you need for your project, but the dumpster size that your property can handle.
  2. Looks matter – Remember how we mentioned that your residential dumpster may be on your property for two weeks? That’s why it’s important that your dumpster be attractive, so as not to serve as a black mark for your home. Yes, dumpsters can be attractive. Ideally you’ll rent your dumpster from a company that’s known for taking great care of their inventory. That way you won’t have to worry about being given something so unsightly that it belongs in its own dumpster!

Residential dumpsters are designed to house your unwanted things. Call it junk. Call it waste. Call it the carnage from your remodeling project. Call it what you will, but your dumpster should be able to accommodate your needs, based on your project.

The added convenience of renting a dumpster is that once you’re done filling it up, all you have to do is call to have it taken away. These bins make it easy for you to focus on your actual remodeling project, rather than trivial things such as where you plan to put all that junk.

We are proud to serve our community

Homeowners throughout New Orleans choose Bin There Dump That for their residential friendly dumpster rentals because of our commitment toward helping our neighbors. We are a New Orleans-based company that has designed dumpsters and delivery trucks specifically customized to fit the unique streets and tight spaces of our city. We’re passionate about helping you complete your home remodeling project in a hassle-free way. Learn why so many others rely on us to get their projects done. Contact us today!