Living in a house gives you the opportunity to instill some tremendous landscaping ideas, such as a garden, patio, stone walkway or whatever your heart desires. Often times these clever landscaping ideas you come up with (and act upon) not only improve the quality of your living space, but also increase the value of your home.
It’s no wonder, then, that so many homeowners throughout Southeast Louisiana are eager to make improvements to their property through landscaping. But as beautiful as the end result is of a landscaping endeavor, the time spent during (and immediately following) the project can make life at home pretty hectic (and messy).
But that isn’t always the case. Many homeowners in Southeast Louisiana embarking on a landscaping project this season are discovering the benefits of residential dumpster rentals.

How residential dumpster rental can turn your landscaping project into a breeze

Let’s face it: home improvement projects can get pretty messy. Take, for example, adding a stone wall to your backyard garden to replace the crumbling brick wall.

Issue #1: How and where do you get rid of that old, crumbling wall?

If you’re a homeowner who has a truck or large vehicle, you may consider loading up those old bricks in your car and hauling them off … but to where? Keep in mind, these bricks are likely covered in dirt, not to mention the many bugs that tend to cling to the underside. Would you want that in your car? Not likely.

You can save your car from this mess, and lighten your workload, by renting a residential dumpster from Bin There Dump That – Southeast Louisiana.

These dumpsters can be delivered right to your home, in an area that works best for you. Perhaps you prefer your dumpster to be placed in your driveway. Or, if possible, perhaps you want it delivered in the backyard, right next to the wall you’re replacing.

Either way, with your very own residential dumpster, you’ll no longer have to worry about where and how to get rid of that crumbling wall. Just load up the dumpster, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Issue #2: Let’s say you’re replacing your old garden with new life.

Some gardens just can’t be saved. In those instances, it’s best to start fresh. But starting fresh can cause headaches, and a mess, if you’re not prepared. Before you add new life into your garden, you’ll want to make sure the area is clear of the old flowers and plants. That sounds easy enough, right? Except, where do you put all those old plants, roots, dirt and outdated decor? It has to go somewhere, but where?

The answer is simple: a residential dumpster. Residential dumpsters give you the ability to upgrade, replace, or add-on anything you want, without introducing mess or clutter into your life. It’s as simple as:

  • Ordering the dumpster
  • Filling it up
  • Calling to have it taken away

A whole new perspective on landscaping projects in Southeast Louisiana

With four sizes to choose from (4 yard, 10 yard, 14 yard, 20 yard), there is no garden, or landscaping project, that’s too small or too big for our residential dumpsters. Have you wanted to start a new project, but are afraid how the project will take over your home? Just rent one of our dumpsters and discover a whole new perspective on landscaping. Contact Bin There Dump That – Southeast Louisiana today to learn more.