There’s no telling when and why you might need a dumpster, but chances are you don’t have one lying around to use as you please. That’s why homeowners throughout the Greater New Orleans area rent dumpsters to aid in projects such as:

  • Cleaning out a home
  • Restoring a property following a fire or flood
  • To remove furniture
  • During construction projects
  • For landscaping
  • For remodeling
  • During spring cleaning

But not all residential dumpster companies are the same.That’s where Bin There Dump That stands apart from all of their competitors.

Our Greater New Orleans area residential friendly dumpsters are:

  • Specifically designed to fit tight areas around your property
  • Feature a unique protection system to avoid scarring and damage to your driveway and property


Which residential dumpster do I need?

Depending on your project and home size, you may have very specific needs when it comes to your dumpster. That’s why Bin There Dump That offers four unique sizes:

  1. 4 Yard Dumpster– Ideal for topsoil, gravel, small cleanout jobs and perfectly suited for small driveways
  2. 10 yard Dumpster– Perfect for roof shingles, landscaping and construction jobs, and household debris
  3. 14 Yard Dumpster– Suited for furniture, medium-to-large home cleanout jobs, flood restoration and fire restoration
  4. 20 Yard Dumpster– Our biggest dumpster, this can handle everything that the 14-yard dumpster can handle and more

Everyone has trash. But not everyone knows where to put it.

It’s surprising how much trash can come about during a home project. If you don’t prepare carefully, that trash can become a hazard and nuisance. When planning your upcoming project or restoration, make sure you have a full-proof plan for how you’ll handle your trash and debris.

That’s why homeowners throughout the Greater New Orleans area turn to Bin There Dump That for their trash removal needs.

Bin There Dump That provides you with a safe, professional, and courteous way to manage and remove your garbage and waste so that your house will continue to feel like your home.

Not sure which dumpster is the right one for your needs? Not a problem. Our customer service specialists are trained to work with you in determining the best container for your project. Contact us today to learn more about how Bin There Dump That will make you the master of your domain.

Bin There Dump That services New Orleans, Mandeville, Covington and Slidell with our residential friendly dumpsters.